Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Philly/GPS/a day in paradise

So after moving to Sandpoint, Idaho (just below Canada) for six months Gretel and I turned around and moved to Tucson for a Job opportunity. On our way through Utah I opened up my email account and saw that I had been accepted to Temple University's Broadcast, telecommunications and mass media program. So we continued down to Tucson knowing that in six months we would be traveling cross country with our two thousand pound silver-back Gorilla that only the insane would consider a "dog." So we can now say that we are somewhat well traveled going from border-to-border and nearly coast-to-coast. Close enough; give us a break!!!! Gretel and I like to think that we were always going to Philadelphia, we just wanted to take the long route. I suppose it is that kind of thinking that keeps us from crying in a dark corner.
Philadelphia is overwhelming and culturally shocking but we are doing our best to adjust. The Gas company still does not seem to make it a priority to supply us with luxuries such as a warm shower or a freakin stove to cook on! Got to love it. Customer service is a thing of the past and so is our sanity. We are now honking the hell of our car horns, chewing people out and getting chewed out. Gotta love the city of "brotherly love."
We have officially acquired a new pet. It is a 30 plus pound Possum that is living in backwoods wilderness of urban Philly. HA! No Kiddin! Atticus is not sure if he wants to be friends or if he should fatally injure him. Either way it may be the only animal he can keep up with. Finally we understand the phrase "playin' possum."
School is overwhelming too. If graduate school is not difficult enough I am T/A for four classes that are keeping me extremely stressed. Gretel is commuting to and from work so she is learning the city in a hurry, no thanks to that worthless GPS we bought. The other day we typed in the route to Costco and rather the miles being counted down to our destination... they were adding up???? The good news is We saw New Jersey (more tears in the corner). Gretel and I both knew we were on the east coast when the GPS lady told us our first three directions and the fourth command was to go "f" ourselves. Pretty sure she honked my own horn at me!
As we settle in we will keep everyone updated. Also, when we are done being worked over from all of our grown-up obligations we will take some photos of the city to add to the site.
Love and miss you all.....