Saturday, May 30, 2009

10 Week 3 Days!!

The ultrasounds are getting so exciting, lots of movement and definition. The doctor also told us that in three more weeks he will be able to tell us the sex.. WOW, this will be a long three weeks!

Monday, May 18, 2009

HaPPy BiRtHDaY tO AttICuS!!!!!!

It's true, Sir Atticus of Ainslie turns two today! Atticus, as I am sure many of you know, is my velcro. The second we got Atticus, we were smitten (me probably a little more...with "a little" being an understatement). A little bear cub that hated us for two days until finally feeling comfortable enough to roll over onto his back and snore. Little did we know this combination would soon become his trademark (Snoring and sleeping © of Atticus Industires). He has grown into a beautiful animal (sometimes resembling a bear and others a silver back gorilla...others a pain in the ...) and over the course of two years Atticus has become my partner in crime, my amigo, and aside form Gretel, my best friend. He is a constant companion, albeit a filthy, shedding companioin, but literally one that keeps me sane in an otherwise insane Philadelphia. Now that Atticus is two and Gretel is pregnant, he has made the sacred journey into manhood. He is gentle giant with Gretel (although I am still fair game for a little roughing up), and has begun to guard our house with pride, something he has never done until Gretel became prgnant. We are not sure if he would ever do anything, but let me tell is a frightening sight if he doesn't approve of you approach to the house. As Lord Byran brilliantly stated about his Newfoundland, Atticus too is "Beauty without Vanity,Strength with out Insolence,Courage without Ferocity,And all the Virtues of Man without his Vices." So Happy birthday Handsome!! We love you and would be lost without you!!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

oNe YeAr DoWn. Woo Hoo!!!

It seem as if yesterday we moved to Philly, went to sleep, and woke up a year later. Time is literally moving at the speed of light. The first semester was a little rough (a little being a huge understatement), but this past semester was a blast! I absolutely adore my cohort...I really think I have made some life long friends here. My teaching assignments have been fantastic and I am happy with my academic performance as well. However, there will be one big change next year (as you know from the previous post). We will have a baby! Now I know having a baby during comprehensive exams may not have been the best plan, but we are thrilled!

One down and one to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm pregnant!

So the first couple of weeks things were great no morning sickness, sweet!! Really what else could you ask for? That was short lived, not only do I have morning sickness... I have all day, all night and in between sickness. Food is a thing of the past, and vitamins?.. RIGHT! I think it took me five hours yesterday to convince stomach it was okay. Driving myself to work makes me car sick, not the best way to start out a day of work. With any luck this will pass in a week or so and I can spend more time being excited.
I am not the only one with growing excitement. Wes is so funny with the whole thing, his concerns started with the logistics of it all(anybody knowing Wes would not be surprised by this). For instance: "so.. how do you get a newborn home from the hospital?" and "what size of diapers will we need?". These are things I don't typically worry about but for someone having not so much experience its very understandable and very cute. I love it, I love when he wants to look at baby clothes and furniture and when he leave the room for ten minutes and returns with several more name ideas(good ones too!). The thing I have loved the most was hearing the heartbeat, yes I got emotional(I'm sure if you ask Wes this is not a surprise at this point but what can I say) but it truly was the far. The due date? WOW, the 24th of Dec.. I know, I know, not so ideal for someone who works in retail but really a little too late to change this. No promises but the doc and nurses are sure its a boy..So much more to look forward to and and I feel like I will explode with the excitement, all I can say is ITS ABOUT TIME! Here a some pics until next time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GrEteL is PrEgnaNt!!!!!!!

More coming soon....