Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mr Bubble's

Everett's best trick, according to him, is his ability to blow bubbles with his mouth. He is so good at this trick, as so few are, that he thinks he should show it off all the time.. so he does! Super cute and it gives him a silly nickname!

Mornings with Mr Bubbles are the best, he lays beside me while I drink a cup of coffee and kicks, giggles, talks and blows his bubbles. Most mornings he is so peaceful and happy that we just lay around until Dad gets back from work, which is nice because most nights we don't find much sleep!

Looking at this little monkey blowing his milk bubbles as I type I can't help but feel like I have the cutest, sweetest and by far the funniest Mr Bubble in the whole world! How did we get so lucky??!


John said...

Bubbles, or froth? There's a big difference. If it's froth, don't let him bite you, lol. Perhaps when he grows up (and, sadly, the all do) he'll own a chain of upscale car washes and I won't have to shell out $10 every month to some local creep who drives around town in a Caddy Escalade with a vanity "Mr. Bubbles" license plate.

What a cuite!

Human Bean said...

I've seen his bubbles and they are indeed spectacular! Such a sweet little monkey!

The Gypsies said...

Don't tell, it can get a little on the frothy side at times.. but I think it's when he has gone for too long! I do wish he could stay this cute forEver! (capital E for Everett)

Haven said...

How sweet!! I feel like it has been WAY too long since I saw you!! You will have to come to my house one day for sure!!